The Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee has a mandate to review and consider the operations of the Partnership, including financial operating information, budgets, regulatory developments and other matters in relation to the B2M Project Assets or the Partnership.

Representing Saugeen:
Chief Lester Anoquot
Currently Vacant

Representing Hydro One Networks Inc.
Samir Chhelavda
Nancy Tran

Representing Hydro One Indigenous Partnerships Inc.
Jeffrey Smith (Chair)

Representing Nawash:
Arlene Chegahno
Geewadin Elliott

Representing SON Financial Corp:
Jake Linklater

Giovanna Baraghetti Memorial Bursary

Giovanna Baraghetti was one of the instrumental people behind the efforts to bring the B2M LP partnership to reality.  This unique partnership utilizes a balanced commercial agreement to bring benefit to the Saugeen and Nawash communities for generations.  In the sad face of her untimely passing, these awards, presented in Giovanna’s name, are meant to keep alive the desire to help the community benefit from the equitable sharing of their traditional lands.
These honoraria of $250 each, will be awarded to up to 8 students that made meaningful contributions to the Saugeen and/or Nawash communities.  In addition to good academic standing, the recipient will be a well-rounded student exhibiting initiative, enthusiasm, leadership and integrity.

  • Student demonstrating strong academic performance
  • Involved in extracurricular activities and initiatives that benefit the community
  • Demonstrate leadership skills among their peers

Selection Process
Students are to be selected by the respective academic administration and are generally determined to coincide with the school’s annual academic awards events.

2019 Recipients:
  • Alexander George – Ecole Saugeen
  • Leigha Roote – Ecole Saugeen
  • Connie Dowling – St Mary’s
  • Sarah John – St Mary’s
  • Shairissa Robichaud – St Mary’s
  • Jasmine Keeshig – St Mary’s
  • Kara D’Atri Besito – St Mary’s
  • Treyton Jones – Peninsula Shores District School
  • Rose Kewageshig – G C Huston Public School
2018 Recipients:
  • Ziibi Cameron – Ecole Saugeen
  • Marissa Kahgee – Ecole Saugeen
  • Cyrus Keeshig – St Mary’s
  • Brady Jones – St Mary’s
  • Meranda Kewageshig – St Mary’s
  • Kara D’Atri-Besito – St Mary’s
  • Mariah Schneidmiller – Penisula Shores District School
  • Hailey Johnson – G C Huston Public School
  • Ira Kimewon- G C Huston Public School
2017 Recipients:
  • TJ Kewageshig – Ecole Saugeen
  • Hayley Carter – Ecole Saugeen
  • Rebecca Ritchie – St Mary’s
  • Angeline Kimewon – St Mary’s
  • Robbie Monague – St Mary’s
  • Tyrell Nadjiwon – St Mary’s
  • River Jones – Penisula Shores District School
  • To be given in the spring – G C Huston Public School